Crypto Bike Riders
Game modes

Player vs Player (PvP 1v1)

On the player vs player mode - 1 versus 1, you can compete with another player, our matchmaking system always will look for an opponent that matches your bike type, quality and level, and last but not least, the matchmaking system will consider the number of cups in order to make the race more competitive and fair. The reward for the winner is 10-15 cups and depending on the ranking more B$ can be earned, to start earning B$ you need at least 200 cups, you can run up to 10 races per day per bike (remember that races may require resources like: fuel, toolboxes and oil) depending on the status of your bike after each race.

Player vs Environment (PvE stunt races)

The player vs environment mode is the easiest way to obtain B$, there are several circuits and challenges, the more advanced challenges/levels give more B$, the maximum reward you can obtain by playing PvE is 200 B$ daily.

Multiplayer 10vs10

This is the must challenging and fun game mode, also the best rewards can be obtained playing 10 vs 10 races. The winners (1st to 3rd place) earn more cups for their world ranking (the top 200 ranked players will earn great $RIDERS prizes at the end of every season), also winners earn right after the race prizes in B$, just like on the 1vs1 mode, depending on the number of cups, the player can earn more and the maximum races are 10 per bike as well.