Crypto Bike Riders
Governance token $RIDERS
The Crypto Bike Riders token
The Crypto Bike Riders token (RIDERS) is a BEP20-compliant token that can be traded on the Binance Smartchain, It represents the platform currency and also an independent store of value for our players and investors.
RIDERS can be used to buy & sell items in our Marketplace, to earn great APY by staking and for the governance of the project with the votes of our community.
The RIDERS token supply will always be the defined in our Tokenomics, no more tokens than the specified will be minted and the minting keys will be destroyed as soon as we start the token pre-sale and sale on DEX markets.
External project contributors may receive the RIDERS token as payment, this is considered with the intension of incentivize their interest and to contribut to the success of the Crypto Bike Riders game.
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