Crypto Bike Riders
Reqs to play & rules
Requirements to play Crypto Bike Riders

Basic requirements to play:

To play Crypto Bike Riders all you need is a PC or mobile device that supports 3D graphics powered by Unity. Also you'll need a browser with Metamask installed and configured to interact with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and some BNB in your wallet to pay fees when required.
In order to play you just need a bike it can be an NFT or non-NFT one, and of course you need to have fuel and after several races a tool box, tires and oil.

General rules:

Your account may be blocked permanently if:
  • You play with more than 2 accounts from the same IP address.
  • Share 2 or more accounts per person
  • Use any kind of cheat like speed hacks, bots, etc.
  • NFT transfers between accounts outside the official marketplace.
  • Take advantage of any bug or glitch of the game with or without intention.