Crypto Bike Riders
NFT parts & customization
Create your own unique bikes and improve them
Crypto bike riders will include a very special feature: the parts store. This feature will expand the game economy and will add more possibilities to fully customize your assets. The parts store will be released under its own section on the marketplace and the release will be after the public beta version of the game, it will help you create custom bikes from the scratch by combining esencial parts like:
Engines: the core of the bike, each engine has three different attributes (Speed, Accel, fuel autonomy). Every NFT can be leveled to boost its attributes (with the premium currency diamonds).
Frames: attributes given by the frames are related to the final aspect, aerodynamics and maneuverability of the bike as the Engines they can be leveled up with diamonds to obtain the best stats.
Tires: last but not least, there are different types of tires that makes your bike more efficient depending on the game mode you're playing, the possible tire types are:
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Wet
  • Multi surface
Tires also have different patterns that benefit your custom bikes to obtain more speed, accel, braking and fuel consumption, tires cannot be leveled up, tires may suffer damage and can be repaired with the toolbox.
Additionally, all your bikes can be customized with:
  • Skins / paintings (can be changed with diamonds)
  • Biker aspects (can be changed with diamonds)
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