Crypto Bike Riders
Growth & scaling model
Strategies to follow for a healthy NFT Blockchain video game
The growth and scaling model will follow a route of 4 stages, as described below:

Stage 1: RIDERS NFT packs sale

Presale of RIDERS NFT packs with discount (via whitelist)

For our early players that want to collect the firsts NFTs, we will launch a presale round via whitelist, only 3200 NFT packs will be dropped, all the details to participate will be announced in our official web and all our social media platforms

Public sale of RIDERS NFT packs

It will include the remaining packs (if any) and a total of 6800 packs will be sold publicly on a first come, first served basis.

Stage 2: RIDERS Token sale

RIDERS Token presale for whitelisted investors

We will presale a limited supply of RIDERS tokens only for whitelisted investors, all the details about the allocation are described on the tokenomics section token distribution schedule will be announced in all our social networks.

RIDERS Token launch on DEX markets (pancakeswap, apeswap, DODO, etc.)

After the token presale we will open the market on DEX platforms, allowing free buy / sell transactions on major decentralized exchange platforms.

RIDERS Staking program

The staking program will be released few days after the market launch, just stay tuned to our official announcements where you will be able to know the APY rates that you can earn with your locked assets. To learn more about it check the staking and governance section.

Stage 3: 1st game release and Marketplace launch

Release of a closed Alpha version of the game

We will offer a limited number of places to play the game (for non-NFT and NFT owners) the details of the procedure to enroll and the amount of spots available we will be announced accordingly.

Marketplace launch

When the Alpha test version is filled with players we will launch the marketplace in order to allow our players to try all the ecosystem features of the game, also this will allow buy/sell transactions of NFTs between current and new investors.

Stage 4: Full game release and Governance

Release of public Beta version of Crypto Bike Riders

After the launch of the marketplace the game will be totally released for players worldwide. And the game seasons, E-Sport events and more will be announced gradually.

Governance & voting system

As an important part of the vision of Crypto Bike Riders, we've got the community opinions, so the voting system and governance will be introduced as a core feature of the RIDERS ecosystem.