Crypto Bike Riders

Staking and Governance

The way to make Crypto Bike Riders a community driven game
Crypto bike riders RIDERS token is the governance token, created to become Crypto Bike Riders a game totally owned by the community that plays and support it.
The ways to obtain RIDERS tokens in-game are by playing the game and collecting B$ or diamonds by farming, or winning races in the the PvE and PvP modes and after convert them into RIDERS tokens, also players placing on the leaderboard during PvP seasons.
On the other hand RIDERS will be initially distributed via IDO / listed in various decentralized exchange platforms like Pancake Swap and Ape Swap, later we will partner with the most relevant centralized exchange platforms and RIDERS holders will be able to exchange their tokens.
Staking is a very powerful instrument to reward our community members for having a long term mindset by locking their RIDERS tokens. By staking RIDERS you’ll be able to earn RIDERS rewards when you lock your tokens through our staking dashboard, later by your staking you'll have voting rights over the Community Treasury.