Crypto Bike Riders
A way to benefit both scholars and managers
Do you own various NFT Crypto Bike Riders assets? Don't have enough time to play the game but want to give a chance to players that cannot afford to enter? Do you have very competitive NFTs that can help you to earn more and want to help others and increase your passive inconme? Then you can offer scholarships and players interested to earn without investment have the perfect opportunity to play the game and eventually own their own NFTs without purchasing the required minimum 5 $RIDERS tokens to enter.

Scholarship system

How does it work?
There are two main roles:
  1. 1.
    Manager: are the ones that have various NFTs and want to obtain more passive income by borrowing one of their NFTs (bikes or pit boxes) to a particular person. Usually managers create academies and have a selection process to pick the best person.
  2. 2.
    Scholar: Are the players interested to participate because either don't have the resources to pay for the entrance minimum cost of 5 $RIDERS tokens
The scholarship system will be possible directly inside our marketplace, making the process more transparent and secure for the implied parts (manager and scholar), using a smart contract created with the terms of the manager (contract duration, end of contract, renewals, compensation rates and maximum no-show / inactivity period that may terminate the contract before the stablished duration), both parties will sign and accept the terms of the contract (the minimum amount of compensation for scholars cannot be under 25% of the generated income of the scholars.
Car owners can rent their vehicle. In order for a person to get that vehicle for rent, an in-game smart contract must be signed between the two parties
Both managers and scholars are subject to follow the rules, otherwise any suspicious activity may conduct to a permanent ban of one or both accounts depending on the fault or cheat.
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