Crypto Bike Riders
Bike Dollars (B$)
The in-game currency
The Bike Dollar (B$) is the default in-game currency, it can be used only inside the game to buy resources (temporary pit boxes, tool boxes, fuel refills, boosters and oil changes).
To earn B$, just need to buy B$ with $RIDERS, play the game or farm, also it can be obtained if you receive the premium in-game currency: Diamonds, in such case, you can convert them into B$ and later exchange your B$ to the governance / market $RIDERS tokens.
Conversion rates:
1 $CBRD -> 100 B$
200 $BS -> 1 $RIDERS
1 Diamond -> 5000 B$
To exchange your B$ for $RIDERS you must have at least one NFT bike or pit box.
Withdrawals are available after 15 days of your last withdrawal.
Bike dollars can be obtained only by the methods described above, there are no other ways to obtain or produce B$, your Bike Dollars are a proof of your gameplay and your efforts to make your bikes more competitive.
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